South Korea

South Korea doesn’t refer to itself that way. They firmly think of themselves only as a divided Korea that hopefully one day will be unified.

Our trip there was amusing because our key contacts originally hoped that Tim would be Korean. Why? Well, two things gave them that impression. The first is that Tim is very similar to Kim which is the most common Korean name and Welu also sounds like it could be Asian. Second, our company logo, which we called “The Paisley Swirl” was inadvertantly an old version of the Korean flag – complete with the same primary colors! But, as they told me at the end of the trip when they admitted their original hopes for Tim’s heritage: “Tim is all American”.

Even though English is not well spoken, most people understand basic phrases. My blue eyes were very unusual for them! They were extremely friendly and gracious hosts.

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Traditional Korean Building

Statues To Ward Off Evil Spirits

Original South Korean Flag Symbol - Looks Like Our Paisley Swirl!

Seoul, South Korea

Lush Park Greenery

Giant Park Statue

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