Card Memory – Day 6

If you’ve been following along, we’ve been working on a mnemonic technique for remembering cards. We’ve only spent about 5 minutes each day but so far have memorized mental images for Jacks through Aces.  When memorizing, it’s best to learn a little bit every day rather than try to cram everything in at once – this is a valuable lesson that many of us learn the hard way in college!

Today it’s time to tackle the number ten.  As you’ve seen, I’ve tried to pick images for the cards that inherently link once you know the story.  But how to associate people to the number ten?  Well, I decided that tens are going to be represented by the ten pins in bowling.  One of my favorite shows as a kid was Laverne & Shirley which spent a lot of time in the bowling alley.  If you don’t know the characters, you can Google the show or substitute for people that are memorable to you.

  • Ten of Clubs is Laverne, played by Penny Marshall.  She was the tomboy of the duo. All her sweaters had a big L on them and she had a nasal horse laugh that went “Hanh, Hanh, Hanh!”
  • Ten of Spades is Squiggy with his jet-black greasy hair.  He had the funny entrance where he would slouch in the room and say “Hello” in his unique dorky voice.
  • Ten of Hearts is Carmine.  Nicknamed “The Big Ragu”, he was Shirley’s on-again-off-again boyfriend.  He was a boxer and a dancer.  Picture him latin dancing around the floor with boxing gloves on.
  • Ten of Diamonds is Shirley who fancied herself a diamond in the rough.  She had an annoying cry when she didn’t get her way and a favorite stuffed animal named BooBoo Kitty.
Card Person Action Object
Ten of Clubs Laverne Horse laughing “Hanh, Hanh, Hanh!” Big L on the sweater
Ten of Spades Squiggy Dorky “Hello” Black, greasy hair
Ten of Hearts Carmine Latin dancing Boxing gloves
Ten of Diamonds Shirley Crying Stuffed BooBoo Kitty

Make sure these images are clear and also think back through your images for the Jacks through Aces.  Today is the day for making refinements to your images if some of them aren’t memorable to you.  You might even want to flip through a deck of cards to see if you can quickly remember the corresponding images.  Don’t worry about the order of the cards, we’ll work on that tomorrow.  For today just ensure that your image for each individual card is clear and you can think of it in just a couple of seconds.

Good luck!