Card Memory – Day 5

The last four days we’ve been learning a mnemonic method for remembering items in a certain order by making mental images and placing them at various locations.  I don’t really care so much about the end result of being able to recite a random deck of cards as I am interested in what the process shows us about how our memory works and how we can use the technique for other useful applications.

Today we’re going to add images for the Aces.  Images that inherently related to Aces were easy for two names, but then I had to stretch a little.  I could think of two memorable people named Ace, but not four.  So I decided to go with two names that are similar to Ace.  As you read the descriptions, try to picture them in your mind.  It might help to Google some of the people if you’re not sure what they look like.

  • Ace of Clubs is Axl Rose was the front man for Guns & Roses, a hard-rock band that hit listeners over the head (club) with their tunes.  Their most famous song was Sweet Child O’ Mine and Axl was famous for writhing his skinny body like a snake as he sang.  He always wore a bandana around his head to keep his long hair out of his face.
  • Ace of Spades is the Sam Spade for animals: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective played by Jim Carrey.  One of his claims to fame was bending over and making his butt cheeks talk.  Crude, but funny.  He had pet parrots that perched on his arm.
  • Ace of Hearts is the heart-throb and married to Demi Moore hubby Ashton Kutcher.  He does Nikon camera commercials where he runs around taking pictures of people and things at parties.
  • Ace of Diamonds is Ace Freehley from KISS who has stars, which are almost like diamonds, painted on his eyes.  Think of all the time and effort it must take to put on that make-up!

We’re also going to need a few more locations to put these mental images, so again think of your childhood home.  I’ve already traced from my mailbox up the driveway to the front porch and entryway.  If I turn left there is a large dining room table and as I continue to look around the kitchen, I see a kitchen sink and stove.  Those are going to be the three additional locations where I’m going to place images as I add cards.  It’s important to keep your locations consistent and in order since that’s the part that anchors everything together.

Have fun and good luck!