Card Memory – Day 3

If you’ve been following along, the last two days we’ve memorized images for the Kings and Queens in a deck of cards to practice a technique for remembering things.  Now it’s time for the Jacks.  Once again I’m picking images that have an inherent relationship to the card it represents.  Read the descriptions below and form a mental picture in your mind.  I bet you won’t have trouble remembering which image goes with which card.

  • Jack of Clubs is Jack Nicholson at his The Shining best.  Think of him using an axe to bust through the door and his demonic grin as he shouts “Honey, I’m Home!”
  • Jack of Spades is Jack Black.  Think of the funny man in Schoolhouse Rock as he does his goofy rock-star guitar performance.
  • Jack of Hearts is Jack Frost.  Many a date has been made cozier by this guy putting a little nip in the air.  Imagine Jack Frost blowing on a window pane and it turning frosty.
  • Jack of Diamonds is Jack from the story Jack & The Beanstalk.  He sold his family’s cow for a few magical beans because he wanted to get rich.  Think of him planting the beans and the giant beanstalk springing up to the sky.

Here’s a table of all the cards we’ve covered so far:

Card Person Action Object
King of Clubs Martin Luther King Shouting “I have a dream” Smashing things with his club
King of Spades Black Wise Man Wearily walking through the desert Gift of gold
King of Hearts Jesus Laboring under his cross Cross
King of Diamonds King of Jordan Spilling oil Oil & diamonds
Queen of Clubs Aretha Franklin Singing RESPECT Microphone
Queen of Spades Queen Latifa Spraying hairspray Big hair
Queen of Hearts Princess Diana Waving to the crowd Wedding dress
Queen of Diamonds Marilyn Monroe Holding her dress as it blows up Sexy white dress
Jack of Clubs Jack Nicholson Shouting “Honey, I’m Home!” Axe
Jack of Spades Jack Black Rock star antics Guitar
Jack of Hearts Jack Frost Blowing on window Frost covered glass
Jack of Diamonds Jack & The Beanstalk Planting beans Giant beanstalk

Yesterday we paired the queens with the kings at the various childhood home locations.  Now we’re going to add one more thing to each image so that we remember three cards at each location (this is the maximum number I’ve seen recommended).  To help keep the order of the three cards straight, we’re going to be a little more careful about what element we remember from each card to compose our mental image.  We’re going to pick the person from the first card, the action from the second card and the object from the third card.

  • At the mailbox, we now have the King of Jordan with the wind blowing up his white sexy dress (these images are easier to remember if they are outlandish) as he tries to hold it down with an axe.
  • Jesus is doing the “parade wave” up the driveway as the cross becomes a giant beanstalk.
  • As Martin Luther King sprays hairspray around the front porch, part of the spray lands on the windows and frosts over.
  • As the door to the entryway opens, the Wise Man is singing RESPECT and plays along with his guitar.

Take a few minutes to really imagine the scenes above.  Then take a five minute break.  When you come back, I’ll bet you get the order and the cards correct as you move from mailbox up the driveway to the front porch and open the door into the entryway.

These four scenes are used to remember the following 12 cards in order:

  • King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Clubs
  • King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds
  • King of Clubs, Queen of Spades, Jack of Hearts
  • King of Spades, Queen of Clubs, Jack of Spades

To remember cards in different order you would simply conjure up different mental images at the 4 locations with the first of three cards being the person, the second being the action and the third being the object.

How did you do?  Tomorrow we’re going to take a break and not learn new cards.  Instead we’re going to spend 5 minutes turning over these 12 cards, three at a time, to see if we can conjure up mental images for the different combinations.  Good luck!