Red Stag

We’re currently on the North Island of New Zealand.  Tim and Gerry are hunting red stag, sika and fallow deer with their bows.  Carrie and I spent an afternoon “shooting” with our cameras.

It is autumn here in New Zealand and the red stag rut has just started.  They “roar”, which is similar to how elk “bugle”, except the sound is much deeper than an elk.  The red stag are big animals, only slightly smaller than our elk, and as you can see the antlers are huge!  The antlers are made of bone, are shed and regrown each year, and they can grow as much as an inch a day!

We were able to get pretty close driving around, but I was assured many times over by Tim & Gerry that if we were actually hunting we would never have been able to get this close 😉

Mature Red Stag

Red Stag Fighting During Rut

Red Stag Roaring

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