Vianden Castle

In 2002 my mom Linda, step-dad Larry, Tim & I took a train ride to the North-East border of Luxembourg near Germany to see Vianden Castle.

When you get off the train in the quaint town of Vianden, you can see the castle perched high on the hill overlooking the houses below.  The royalty liked looking down on their subjects and it also provided natural protection – no moat was necessary for this castle!

The site was originally a Roman castle and then was rebuilt in the 11th century.  It fell to ruin in the 1800’s, but in 1977 it was sold to the government and restored.  It is now a museum and many of the rooms are not only renovated but also refurbished.

True to the original design, the windows in one of the main rooms have no glass and look out over the country-side below.  In the attached video, you can see Tim hop right up to look out.  I zoom in because I can’t believe he did that (remember I have a fear of falling), but later I did get brave and looked over the edge myself 😉

Fast Tube by Casper

This was where I took one of my favorite pictures ever.  Mom & I called it “The Hobbit Door” because it looked like something out of The Lord Of The Rings.  I especially love how the light is just peaking through and inviting the viewer to push open the door a little further to see what is on the other side.

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