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When The Wall Becomes A Crutch

I distinctly remember the first time I did a handstand as an adult.  It was 2005 and I was in a workshop with a very well-known celebrity yoga teacher.  It was my first time taking a class with ANY teacher…

Public Performance

Last night I was in the Minneapolis airport waiting for my baggage when I noticed a piano sitting in the corner with a sign that said “Play Me”. You might remember that I started learning how to play the piano…

Back In The Groove

As you may know, this is my first year living as a “snowbird”.  I escaped the Minnesota winter in wonderful San Antonio.  I spent eight months in Texas – yes, Minnesota winter does last that long 😉 Last week I…

Stress For Success

There’s no doubt that working at Paisley was stressful.  And I’m not just talking about for a few of us – everyone’s job was stressful. Sales is always a sign-on-the-bottom-line what-have-you-done-for-me-lately stressful position, but unlike many sales jobs that sell…

On-The-Job Training

As late as July 1998, UBS planned a Train The Trainer approach to implementation.  But as the training dates neared, they realized that their people were not able to lead the training classes.  So, with less than two months notice,…

Conceptual Selling

By 1996 I had finished development and testing of AutoAudit, had implemented it at HTI and Carlson Companies, both previous employers, and was ready to start selling to other companies.  Tim was still working at Hormel, but was marketing AutoAudit…

Halloween Anniversary

Today marks 22 years from my first day of work as an Internal Auditor.  I started working in the Internal Audit department of First National Bank of Iowa City on Halloween, 1988.  I’ve now spent half my life involved with…

Groundhog Day List

Most of us have heard about, and maybe even have, a Bucket List.  You know, these are the once-in-a-lifetime big experiences that you’d like to have before you die.  I’ve even got a few things from my Bucket List scheduled for this spring – I’m going to the SuperBowl, visiting New Zealand, and if all goes well, I’ll even scrape up the courage to go skydiving.

But I’m going to start another list and call it my Groundhog Day List.  You might be wondering: Is that a list of things you only do on Feb 2?

No, I’m referring to the main theme of my favorite Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it.  In it, Bill Murray relives the same day (yup, Groundhog Day) over and over.  To everyone else it is a new day, but for him it is the exact same day every day.

At first he takes advantage of situations and people, then he tries to self-destruct as he hates the repetition and boredom, until finally he accepts and even embraces his time.  He takes piano lessens, for example.  At the end of the movie (Spoiler Alert), he is an accomplished piano player, saves a kid falling out a tree, is the hit of the town, and ultimately gets the girl.

So, I’m thinking a Groundhog Day List would be a list of things that makes you, your environment, or those around you better with a little effort, time and repetition.  I think this should be a goal that is attainable by spending 5-60 minutes each day and you should see results in 5 days to a month. Days don’t have to be consecutive, but don’t lose momentum.  Examples would be the following:

  • Memorizing a poem, quote, or passage of the Bible
  • Learning a card trick
  • Mastering a small part of a larger skill, such as learning to play one part of a song on a new instrument, learning to draw one subject matter, or learning to cook one signature dish
  • Tackling a home cleaning or decorating project that you can chunk into small, manageable pieces
  • Spending a few minutes every day making a new friend, writing an e-mail or letter to a loved one, or giving those special to you your undivided attention

The objective of the Groundhog Day List isn’t to end up with something spectacular and earth-shattering like the Bucket List.  This is a list to get you out of your day-to-day routine, expose you to new skills and activities that you never thought you could do before, and let you see that you really can expand your boundaries by spending just a few minutes every day.

I will share with you in upcoming posts some of the results of my Groundhog Day List.  I’d like to hear from you if this inspires you to try your own Groundhog Day List and the results.  Good luck!

Ad – Disco Auditing

This is the last editorial-cartoon style ad we developed.  We had so much fun with the ads for Risk Navigator that we decided to do one for AutoAudit, too.  This one plays up how many audit departments were working with…

Working With Your Spouse

By far the most common question I get when telling people about my background is a variation of “what is it like to work with your husband?”  Sometimes it is a little more skewed to “how can you possibly work…